For those of you who missed my last blog post, I have started a 365 project which involves taking a photograph every day of this year. This is week 2…

It feels like it has been raining for a week! This set a challenge for my photo a day as I have either had to take them indoors, or get wet! There have been one or two breaks in the weather to get out – so here is my week…
Alexa Clarke Kent Vintage Self Portrait
Tuesday 8th January 2013 – Today is the day of sorting out my tax return so in other words not leaving the house and not seeing another soul… So my portrait really had to be of me today.

Will Headshot Portfolio Photography
Wednesday 9th January 2013 – This is Will who is an illustrator/web designer and has a space in the same studio as me.

Funeral Photography Brighton
Thursday 10th January 2013 – Occasionally I am asked to photograph funerals – I took this photo just after a funeral on Thursday. This is of Belinda, a celebrant. I spotted her carrying this floral tribute and knew straight away that it would be my photo of the day.
Adam Bronkhorst
Friday 11th January 2013 – This is Adam Bronkhorst, a photographer friend of mine. A few of us went up to the SWPP convention on Friday and I took some much better photos of Adam outside of the Hilton Hotel – looking like a catalogue model. :)  Unfortunately, later in the day, my camera was stolen along with the photos on the memory card. :( Luckily, these were the only images on the card and the equipment is insured. A horrible experience that has never happened to me before and hopefully never will again. So in the end, the photo of the day had to be taken on an iphone, en route back to Brighton on the train!

Creative Alternative Refection Photography
Saturday 12th January 2013 – So I got my lovely back up camera out to take this shot, this is Sarah waiting in the car whilst I got wet in the rain!

Brighton Roller Skating Photography
Sunday 13th January 2013 – I went for a nice Sunday morning skate at my local skate rink and met up with a new friend. This is Mog.

Winter Wedding Photography Brighton
Monday 14th January 2013 – I had a very busy day at my desk, editing, responding to enquiries and general admin. I suddenly realised that it was dark outside and I hadn’t yet taken my Monday photo! So a little bit of imagination, a tripod, a long exposure and standing in the rainy dark night and voila! I have to admit, although I love an atmospheric night time shot like this, I am looking forward to when the evenings start to get a bit lighter. :)

I am very much enjoying this project and the way it is making me think on my feet more, use my imagination more and test ideas more, just putting aside twenty minutes a day for this makes me feel like I am treating myself to a bit of play time.

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