Not wanting to sound too much like an excited child, but this has been like such a good week! I have met with some really lovely people and taken bookings for a few amazing sounding weddings this year. :) And in other geeky news, my new camera arrived. It is simply the most amazing new toy ever! It felt like Christmas when the postman arrived yesterday. So amongst all this excitement,  I also have managed to continue in my mission to take a photo every day. Here is my week 3…

Puddle reflection self portrait Alexa Clarke Kent

Tuesday 15th January 2013 – I had been looking at puddles for weeks, thinking I should play with reflections… There had to be an advantage to all the rain we had been having (little did I know last week how the weather would change!)  This is a self portrait, involving me pre-focusing, pressing my timer and running around a giant muddy puddle!

Xavier Photographer by Alexa Clarke Kent
Wednesday 16th January 2013 – The light was so beautiful that day, I really wanted to get out and about with my camera. I went for a wander with Xavier in the lanes in Brighton and took this pensive looking shot.

Snowboard photography by Alexa Clarke Kent
Thursday 17th January 2013 – This is Tara, she has a snowboard showroom and tech centre in the same building as my studio. I can’t help but have a good old nose whenever I’m passing. After taking this photo,  I ended up buying a bright blue onesie!

Lisa Devlin by Alexa Clarke Kent
Friday 18th January 2013 – So this is when the snow arrived in Brighton (and it arrived fast!) I popped over to see Lisa Devlin at her home and nearly skidded into several cars on her road! I took this shot of her in her garden using her camera and an amazing underwater housing (to protect the camera from the giant snowflakes falling at the time!) I love Lisa’s hair colour and top against the white snow. :)

Alex and Dan by Alexa Clarke Kent
Saturday 19th January 2013 – This is Alex and Dan, a very cute couple who are getting married later on this year. They kindly agreed to pose for this shot as I was running out of daylight after our meeting.

Dean Ager Rat Pack Singer by Alexa Clarke Kent
Sunday 20th January 2013 – I was lucky that the snow began to melt and the roads were clear to drive over to a meeting in Worthing. Whilst waiting to meet my clients, I took this photo in the Vintage Tea Rooms at the Dome in Worthing. This is Dean Ager who was performing in the tea rooms (and very good he was too!)

Emma Lucy Photographer by Alexa Clarke Kent
Monday 21st January 2013 – The last day of my week 3 and the day that my beautiful new camera arrived. Of course I had to go out and practise! I met up with Emma Lucy and Sassy and we had a good catch up too! This is Emma in a coffee shop on Kensington Gardens. I love all the colours in the reflections.

Thank you so much to all my patient models who posed for me this week. I really am enjoying this project and looking forward to the challenge of keeping it going. This week, I am looking forward to going back to Lisa Devlin’s Photography Farm to hang out with some nice people and learn new things… Any budding or established photographers reading this post should check out all the amazing talks and masterclasses that are on this week. A brilliant time of year to get motivated and inspired, next week I’ll tell you all about it. :)

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