I am feeling very inspired after my 4th week of my 365 project. Here is a round-up of what I have been up to this week:

Tuesday 22nd January 2013 – This is a photo of yet another studio buddy… this time the lovely Jo Thorne. Jo has got amazing piercing eyes, and I was sure when I took a few shots of her that I would use one focusing on them… But it turns out, my favourite was this one. I love the colour of her lips with the neutral tones of her hat and warm tones of her scarf.

Wednesday 23rd January 2013 – This is a self portrait and a double exposure taken in-camera. I have always loved taking double exposure shots – it feels so creative and experimental. I am also a massive fan of silhouettes, so this is the best of both worlds for me. I apologise now in advance – I think there might be a lot more to come!

Thursday 24th January 2013 – I didn’t have a clue who was going to be model for my portrait on this day. I think it was serendipitous that I bumped into my good friend Aimee whilst wandering around the shops in the North Laine, Brighton. It was so lovely to catch up and sweet of her to let me a few shots of her.

Friday 25th January 2013 –  I had been looking forward to this day for several months… This was the day that I went back to the Photography Farm, this time to attend Eliza Claire‘s boudoir masterclass. It was a brilliant workshop and has given me lots of ideas for future work. This is a photo of the beautiful Sophie, who modeled for the class. Photography Farm Week is a series of workshops and talks put together by Lisa Devlin to educate and inspire people like me. I got to hang out with a lot of cool people and talk weddings and photography constantly for a whole 24 hours! I can’t tell you how much I look forward to next time.

Saturday 26th January 2013 – I woke up at the farm on Saturday with the most amazing light coming in through the windows. Just before leaving, I took a few photos and chose this shot as my photo of the day because it reminds me of how magical this place is. Thank you to the lovely Zoe Campbell for posing for me  :)

Sunday 27th January 2013 – This is a photo of Julie aka ‘J’ – a new friend I met through Roller Derby training. I love her tattoos so much. I took this photo after a few of us got together for a Sunday afternoon skate.

Monday 28th January 2013 – A doggy portrait today! This is Missy, a very sweet little lady I met outside Sainburys. I didn’t get much time for any other portraits today. Busy busy busy!

Thanks for reading, come visit this time next week to see my week 5.  :)

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