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This is a bit of a special blog post for me… (I apologise in advance for the amount of sunset pictures coming up!) I haven’t blogged my normal photo-a-day project for a couple of weeks because I have been enjoying some downtime on the remote island of Formentera – Ibiza’s baby sister island in the Mediterranean sea. The vibe there is very relaxed with lots of local Spanish boho/hippy types wandering around mixed in with lots of fashion conscious Italians. The beautiful villa where we stayed didn’t have electricity so it was properly back to basics with romantic candle light and no internet. A breath of fresh air! So this post is a triple header of my time away and the days that have followed since I have returned.

I have visited Formentera over twenty times now from when I was just an embryo in my Ma’s tummy. And now, this island has very romantic memories for me… Drinking cava in the sea, enjoying the crystal clear waters, the amazing wildlife, beach bars, blissful sunsets… *sigh*

Some people might think that a true holiday for a photographer would be a time where they could put their camera down and not think about work for a while. Well, most of my days were spent relaxing, reading, swimming, scuba diving, cycling, eating, drinking and laughing – and time spent with my camera was pure enjoyment without any pressure. The perfect holiday for me.

Whilst I like some of the portraits I took as my official ‘photo of the day’ I also feel like they don’t tell the full story of how truly magical the island is. I have included a few extra to help tell the story a bit better, though I don’t think I will ever feel like I have captured the spirit of the place properly.

Wednesday 3rd July 2013 – Leaving the British holiday makers behind in Ibiza, we got a boat over to Formentera… The anticipation on the boat ride is one of my favourite bits. My parents and a couple of friends were staying in the villa for a few weeks before us so we got to see them briefly before they left. We were welcomed with Cava on the beach to watch the sunset.

Thursday 4th July 2013 – We waved my folks goodbye as they set off on the boat back to Ibiza. I took this shot of a guy at the port who worked on the boats.

Friday 5th July 2013 – A very relaxing Friday! Followed by an evening at ‘Big Sur’ beach bar, watching the sunset and having mojitos made for us by a nice brazilian lass called Anna-Lisa. Back to the villa to have a BBQ just the two of us. A perfect day.

Saturday 6th July 2013 – Another lazy day (I could seriously get used to having siestas every day – the Spanish have the right idea!) In the afternoon, we went on a brief little trip into Pujols, our nearest town to look for a photo or two. I spotted Jean, a guy who I have seen every year since the 1980s – always in the same place selling the same beads on a stall.

Sunday 7th July 2013 – After some reading, sunbathing and dips in the sea, we set off to try and find a bar that would be playing the Wimbledon finals… After a lot of searching, we discovered an empty bar who were willing to change the channel and watched the whole game. Amazing to see Andy Murray win three straight sets. And funny to remember that we shared the experience with five Italian waiters and a chihuahua!

Monday 8th July 2013 – We went scuba diving every day from Monday – Friday. An amazing experience as the water was so clear. I will definitely buy myself an underwater camera for my next diving holiday. In the evening we cycled over to San Fernando to have a quick look around before finding a vegetarian restaurant on eat in Pujols.

Tuesday 9th July 2013 – More diving in the morning and more enjoying ice cold beers on the beach in the evening. And several willing Spanish and Italian men to photograph. haha!

Wednesday 10th July 2013 – I must apologise if this is getting repetitive, we went scuba diving in an amazing cave today. Our instructor, Yan has many amazing photos of underwater scenes in Formentera… I wish I had captured some myself. Next time! It was a bit of a non-event photo wise on this day. I had a brief wander with my camera before heading back to read my book. Not going to feel guilty about that.

Thursday 11th July 2013 – Went diving in the morning, relaxed in the afternoon and went over to the Fonda Pepe bar in San Fernando in the evening – the most famous on the island for the locals. A lot of characters spill out onto the streets and the bar itself has amazing photos of old hippys and rockstars on the wall dating back to the 60s.

Friday 12th July 2013 – Our final dive – followed by a wander around the stalls in the port. We stopped off a bar on our way home. We had been very sensible this week because it’s not so good scuba diving with a hangover. Knowing that we had done our final dive, we let our hair down a bit that night! One more drink seemed to be the phrase of the evening… Followed by cooking dinner by candle light back at the villa.

Saturday 13th July 2013 –  I really enjoyed cycling around the easy to reach areas near where we were staying over the two week holiday. On the Saturday we hired a little moped to access the harder to reach bits. This day was the one and only overcast morning so I thought it would be a good day to go to the main town on the island – San Francisco! We also went to feed the lizards up on the roman road, then had amazing views over the island at the Mirador restaurant.

Sunday 14th July 2013 – Our second day outing on our little moped… This time with me driving. Yikes! We went over to the caves at Cap de Barberia, lunch at a beach bar on Mijorn then onto a hippy market up at the Mola. Busy day! Fun with my camera :)

Monday 15th July 2013 – A lazy day then an evening cycle across the salt lakes and some Vina Sol on Illettes beach.

Tuesday 16th July 2013 – Our last full day… Didn’t do a lot! Took a few photos around the villa – same shots I take every time I go there, popped over to the dive shop to sort out paper work and took a few photos of our dive instructors then finished the day by having some celebratory cava in the sea. (I didn’t take any photos of this – sometimes I think it’s good to remember something without looking at it through a lens)

Wednesday 17th July 2013 – Our journey home. :( Got the boat over to Ibiza, had some food in Ibiza Old Town by the port and spotted this guy.

Thursday 18th July 2013 – Back home to a sweltering Brighton! There was me hoping that it would be a bit cooler here but it’s not much. Bumped into this guy by Portslade harbour, his name is Victor and he made me feel like I’m still on holiday!

Friday 19th July 2013 – A very long day in my very hot studio catching up with work. I didn’t have time to find anyone today apart from the lovely Ollie! I went over to my friends house for a lovely meal in the evening but it got dark before I had the chance to take any more photos.

Saturday 20th July 2013 – An amazing wedding today over in Chichester. Jenna and Mike had such a fantastic wedding. I loved every minute of it! Can’t wait to go through the rest of the photos. :)

Sunday 21st July 2013 – I went up to London to meet with Alice and Henry – a really sweet couple whose wedding I am photographing next month. The light was incredible on this day and we had a wander around Fulham Palace grounds to take a few photos.

Monday 22nd July 2013 – The hottest day of the year so far… And it really was sticky in my studio. I went over to the beach in the evening and spotted this couple wandering along the beach. This is Grace and Kevin and they kindly let me take a couple of photos of them. I love Brighton so much… Feel very lucky to live here.

That’s it for this week. This has been my 27th, 28th and 29th week of this years 365 photo a day project. Thanks for looking. :)

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