This has been the best week to be in Brighton. Since moving here three years ago I have met a lot of really cool people and I love how diverse the city is. I can safely say that I would like to live in this area for the rest of my life. So this is my 31st week of my 365 project – every photo taken in the best city in the world. :)

Tuesday 30th July 2013 – A wander down Kensington Gardens on Tuesday and I took this quick shot of a guy on one of the market stalls. I was in a massive hurry so didn’t catch his name.

Wednesday 31st July 2013 – This is Joe who I met in Beyond Retro on Wednesday. An amazing shop filled with vintage clothing and accessories, you can literally find anything in there.

Thursday 1st August 2013 – I stopped off at the beach on my way home from the studio on Thursday and sat and had an ice-cream date with My Love… Until it started raining on us. Got to love the great British summers. :)

Friday 2nd August 2013 – This is Anna who I spotted on Bond Street on Friday evening. She happens to be a model and was quite happy to help me with my little photo-a-day project.

Saturday 3rd August 2013 – Pride is an annual event which has got to be the best day out in Brighton. I always try to make sure that I don’t book a wedding on Pride day because I love the photo opportunities and the chance to hang with my friends. This year I was in the parade with the Brighton Rockers Roller Derby lovely ladies before heading to Preston Park to hang with other friends. I might be feeling a little indecisive so I picked my favourite 5 photos from this day.

Sunday 4th August 2013 – A day of recovery from the day before… A short walk on the beach and I bumped into Lola and Frankie who I met the day before at the park – I was very grateful to see them and they saved me from an endless search for models!

Monday 5th August 2013 – I spotted Fi in the window of To Be Worn Again, another great vintage shop in Brighton. She was dressing the window and I took the chance to get a shot of her next to one of the mannequins.

That’s it for this week. This has been my 31st week of this years 365 photo a day project. Thanks for looking.


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