Weddings don’t get much more fun than this… Zoe and Mark know how to have a good time and they wanted their wedding day to be no different. It’s taken me a little while to get around to blogging this beauty of a wedding and words still fail me as to how to describe how much love I have for these two.

Initially, Zoe told me that she was a little bit anxious about having an ‘official photographer’ at her wedding as it was going to be so intimate and laid back. I told her that my favourite approach to photographing weddings is to try to blend in as a guest and make everyone feel at ease by not being intrusive or bossy. I’m so glad she trusted me because I had so much fun joining in and capturing all of the fun elements they put into their day. Barn Drift in Cley, Norfolk was the perfect spot to host their day, so many wonderful spots for photos and so picturesque… I could go on and on about the beautiful hand made decorations including some wonderful signs which were hand painted by Mark’s Dad. Or the amazing flowers or the tipi, or the ice cream van or the fantastic weather – But really, what made this wedding truly special was just how obviously happy and in love Zoe and Mark are.

I remember them both saying that one of their highlights of the day was going off for a few photos of just the two of them in front of a beautiful sunset – then returning to their party to discover all of their guests in full on funny as hell fancy dress! I am such a fan of wedding parties when everyone lets their hair down and properly celebrates how happy they are for the newly wed couple. Zoe and Mark had a party that will go down in history.

Amazing wedding venue: Barn Drift
Flowers to die for: Constance Rose
Best wedding DJ ever: Disco Wed

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