I love capturing emotion at weddings and this one had plenty of it – whether it’s love, laughter or happy tears – it is such an honour to be witness to this. I first met Lucy and Neil over a year before their big day and they had very clear ideas from the start of their plans. They wanted a day filled with family & friends, a fun, relaxed affair where their guests could bring their dogs and their children could run around barefoot. As a photographer, this is the best possible brief to be given – to photograph such honest happiness is a real pleasure.

They had a wonderful outdoor ceremony at the Blue Pigeons in Worth, Kent and continued their celebrations there for the rest of the day. The warm summers evening meant that they could party outside long into the night. Their whole family contributed to the amazingly colourful hand made decorations – hours spent making beautiful paper flowers and brightly coloured pom poms. I could go on and on about how well everything came together on the day but the most important factor in all of their plans was the abundant amounts of joy. I guess this isn’t something you can plan – this is something that just happens. And often it is the true surprise. You can never predict how you will feel on the day of your wedding but if you manage half as much joy as these two wonderful human beings then you are winning. Thank you so much Lucy and Neil for choosing me and for trusting me to capture your day. :)



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