I specialise in creative and natural wedding and lifestyle photography.  For me, it’s all about the light: silhouettes, reflections, sunsets, shadows, winter sun, dappled clouds, beams of light through windows and doorways. I am always searching for those amazing moments.

For the most part of your wedding day, I will capture your story as it unfolds in an unobtrusive manner. And with any posed portraits, I like do these in a way that feels real, emotive and fun. My clients tell me that they love how I capture the spirit of their day – with a relaxed approach that puts them at ease.

Getting married made me realise what is really important in life – loved ones, friends and family. Call me sentimental but it is my aim as a wedding photographer to capture the emotions, moments, details and ambiance; allowing you to relive your day over and over again. I love nothing more than the idea of my couples sat together when they are old, looking at their wedding photographs and transporting themselves back to those moments.

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